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Understanding each other

When a couple decides to ask for a consultation, they are usually going through a difficult time, feeling stuck in the relationship and unable to communicate with one another.

Partners might often face issues when life transitions or changes occur: more responsabilities at work, family relocation, the loss of a dear one, becoming parents or any other situation that introduces new roles, routines and dynamics, creating adjustment difficulties.

Other problems that might require professional help could be infidelity, sexual issues, infertility, clash in parenting style or any other circumstance that undermines the couple's balance.

Whatever the theme might be, during sessions each partner will have a chance to find ways to better communicate with one another and understand the companion's point of view. 

What are they really asking each other? What does the crisis mean in that specific time of the couple's history?

These are just some of the questions that we will try to answer together during therapy.

The therapeutic process doesn't necessarily imply that the couple will stay together. In some situations, partners will understand that the best option is to separate. In this case, our work will focus on how to better end the relationship in the healthiest way. 

couples working heart to heart
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