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From pregnancy to parethood

Becoming a parent is one of the most life-changing experience that leads to revisit priorities, roles and dynamics.

Pregnancy is supposed to be a magical time, but it often isn't the case and that's when consultation with an expert might help.


Mothers-to-be might feel overwhelmed by all the changes happening to their body and all the expectations that they feel the external world places on them.

Previous abortions, couple's difficulties, a recent loss and other issues, might complicate pregnancies. It is important to address these problems while still waiting, in order to create the best possible environment to bond with the new baby. 


After giving birth, a woman might go through a difficult time, developing baby blues (which can be considered normal) or post partum depression symptoms. In this case, the connection with the new born doesn't happen right away, increasing the sense of inadequacy in the new mom.

It is during this critical time that a psychological intervention can help re-establish balance for the woman and her family, fostering the best possible relationship and attachment with the baby.


Fathers-to-be and new fathers (or the current partner) play a crucial role from the start of pregnancy. It is important to recognize their support and eventually offer sessions for them, to inhance their resources in containing the mother's fears, worries and anxieties.


Parenting usually brings up new long-lasting challenges.

Understanding and recognizing one's parenting and attachment style, can often be helpful in managing the many issues that arise when bringing up a child.  

Consultation can often help when feeling stuck in the relationship with children and in the role of parents. 

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