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Keeping contact from the distance

During the Covid lockdown, a new limitation was set to continue the therapeutic process live with clients. 

Although we were not in the same room, online therapy gave us the opportunity to stay in touch and proceed with our plan.


The online setting might have a few limits, but it allows the continuity of a very important relationship, assuring presence and consistency

A study conducted in 2020 on depressive disorders (C. Luo et al., A comparison of electronically-delivered and face to face cognitive behavioural therapies in depressive disorders: A systematic review and meta-analysis, EClinicalMedicine; 2020), has shown that online therapy is even more effective in reducing moderate depressive symptoms, than therapy in person and the clients' satisfaction is the same. 

After experiencing the viability of online sessions, I am currently offering my services via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp, finding it now essential especially when clients are travelling or not able to reach the office in person.

New technologies and the possibility to meet online, are making therapy more accessible and are setting a new pathway for therapy in the future. 



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