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Growing challenges

Adolescence is a time full of changes both for the teenager and their family. 

Some experts say that it is like a second birth, a debut on many areas: socially, sexually, personally and mentally. 

Transitioning from childhood to adulthood requires to fulfil different developmental tasks, including separating from parents and gaining independence, mentalizing a growing body with a new and powerful sexual equipment, engaging in sentimental relationship, dealing with friendships and the group of peers.

Sometimes teenagers might feel stuck in one or more of these tasks, showing a different range of symptoms going from mild to severe. Although some signs like mood swings, self-consciousness and risky behaviours can be considered normal during adolescence, other expressions of discomfort like eating disorders, social isolation, drug abuse, school dropout, self-harming and severe depression or anxiety, might require professional help. 

The aim of the intervention with teens is to help them regain a sense of balance in their growing journey and put them back on track, focusing mainly on the area where they feel blocked. 

Consultation will hopefully include parents, who play a critical role as mothers and fathers of the adult to be. 

If possible, they will also have the opportunity to go through a few sessions, to help them support the teen's growth within the family system. 

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