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What to expect during sessions

Therapy is finding a safe place where you can explore, without judgement, the meaning of your experience, process any past trauma and enhance your resources.

It isn't always easy to ask for professional help. Therapy is, first of all, an encounter between two people and the therapeutic process starts with the first appointment. During this very important meeting, the client and I will understand if we can work together. 

History intake happens during the first few sessions, but will continue throughout the entire process, if the client doesn't feel ready to share some events until safety and trust become stronger. 

We will assess if any past trauma need to be processed using EMDR, a specific therapeutic tool to treat traumatic experiences. 

During psychotherapy sessions the client will explore their inner world, giving meaning to what they experience, increasing their self-knowledge and their understanding of patterns of functioning

The client will also learn different techniques to manage stress and symptoms that could be invalidating for daily life. 

Psychotherapy helps become more self-aware by knowing our strength and weaknesses and recognizing how we manage emotions. It allows us to interrupt some automatic mechanisms that too often interfere with how we live our relationships and how we make decisions. 

The duration of therapy cannot be set beforehand, unless the client asks for a specific amount of sessions. The client and I will decide together on the appropriate time to end the therapeutic relationship, but even after it has ended, the therapist will remain available for future needs. 

psychotherapy sessions
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