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Leaving the past in the past with EMDR

There are many different traumatic experiences that an individual might face during life. 

Experts have divided trauma into two main categories: capital T trauma and small t trauma which can both leave wounds in a person's soul.

"Big T Trauma" are events that are a threat to someone's life or to their physical safety: hearthquakes and other natural disasters, terrorist attacks, accidents, the loss of a dear one, a severe dignosis, abuse and so on.

"Small t" trauma include all those adverse life experiences that undermine someone's sense of self. These include bullying, humiliation, neglect, abandonment or any other dysfunctional interaction, repeated in time, that compromises psychological integrity.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) operates using bilateral stimulation like eye movement, tapping on knees or shoulders, or sounds, going from left to right to activate both emispheres in the brain.

It uses a specific standardized protocol divided into 8 phases and it is a 3 pronged approach working on past, present and future. 

EMDR facilitates accessing and processing of traumatic events, allowing the memory network to become broader and link to more adaptive information.

At the end of treatment, the negative affect of the traumatic memory will decrease and become more neutral, new insights and cognitive processing will give a new meaning to the event, integreating it in the person's history. 

I started using EMDR in 2017 and it has deeply changed my approach to clients, especially those with traumatic experiences. 

I have been able to appreciate the improvement of treatment quality, shifting from talk therapy to an EMDR approach on cases.

I find bilateral stimulation to be a very powerful tool to increase clients' well-being and the ability to sooth overwhelming emotions. 

I have been noticing considerable changes in people's states of mind and emotional well-being after processing their trauma with EMDR.

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