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What I can help you with

During my experience as a therapist, since 2006, when I started my internship, I have treated a variety of clients of different age groups, with various disorders, symptoms and issues including: 

- Emotional stress caused by changes and transitions with related adjustment problems: retirement,  menopause, change of job, being laid off, relocating to a new country, end of a relationship and more

- Anxiety: specific fears and phobias, excessive worry, social anxiety, panic attacks, separation anxiety


- Mood disorders: depression, mood swings, bipolar disorder 


- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: traumatic events like natural disasters, accidents, abuse, childhood neglect / abuse - for more information visit the dedicated session                  

Dissociation and related symptoms, complex PTSD

- Grief and Mourning

- Eating Disorders: anorexia, bulimia, binge eating

- Psychosomatic Disorder: physical pain not caused by an organic factor

- Obsessive compulsive disorder: intrusive thoughts, repetitive behaviours

- Sexual dysfunctions


- Sexual orientation

- Couples Therapy

- Bullying and Mobbing

The way the client and I will agree on how to treat each single and particular situation is based on a number of factors including symptoms severity, attachment style, resources level and availability, traumatization assessment and more.

We will decide whether to proceed with a few counseling sessions, a cycle of cognitive therapy or to include EMDR treatment depending on each individual situation. 



brain during psychotherapy session
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